[arch-devops] [arch-dev-public] Uploading old packages on archive.org (Was: Archive cleanup)

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Mon Mar 4 16:22:29 UTC 2019

Hi Baptiste,

On Mon, Mar 04, 2019 at 12:43:19PM +0100, Baptiste Jonglez <baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org> wrote:
> So actually I don't have enough time available to work on this project
> alone.  If you or somebody else wants to start writing this tool
> (especially the database part), please go ahead.  I can help with the
> archive.org part if needed.

Thanks! This project could benefit from a volunteer so I'll try to find
someone interested in helping out.

> Thanks for checking the actual numbers so precisely.  From what I
> remember, accessing the filesystem was really slow whenever the archive
> script was running (100% CPU for several minutes, probably
> checking/creating hardlinks).  But I don't have precise measurements and
> that's probably not a major issue then.

Yeah, hardlinks can lead to really bad IO performance. It should be much
smoother once we get rid of them.

> When you delete the packages, don't forget to keep all database files so
> that the redirection to archive.org keeps working!

We've already removed 2016 a few days ago with the same script we used
before. The databases have been kept. Thanks for the pointer though!

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