[arch-devops] Flyspray (bugs.archlinux.org) slow when saving/creating

Phillip Smith fukawi2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 03:54:30 UTC 2019

Sorry for the late reply. I don't often get time on weekends to be
near a computer unfortunately.

On Sat, 16 Nov 2019 at 04:27, Florian Pritz via arch-devops
<arch-devops at lists.archlinux.org> wrote:
> Right now 10027 is disabled on the non-mailserver machines. I believe
> that is because the comment I put in master.cf says that it is a port
> for DKIM signature injection and Philip wanted to centralize DKIM
> signing on orion for easier handling. In that process he likely cleaned
> up the now supposedly unneeded port.

Disabling port 10027 was not a deliberate decision; I have no concerns
about having it available on localhost for mail relay. I obviously
misunderstood the comment against that line in master.cf when wrapping
it in the if block within the jinja template.

> I'd suggest that we fix the delay by putting 10027 back in action ....
> I think all you need to do to make this happen is to remove the {% if %}
> condition around the service definition for port 10027 in
> roles/postfix/templates/master.cf.j2. You might also want to update the
> comment in the process so that it's clear what the port is used by.

Agreed, and done. Could someone please update Flyspray config appropriately?

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