[arch-devops] Junior DevOps application - Leonidas Spyropoulos

Kristian Klausen kristian at klausen.dk
Tue May 3 21:58:10 UTC 2022

On 19.04.2022 21.02, Kristian Klausen via arch-devops wrote:
> On 19.04.2022 20.22, Leonidas Spyropoulos via arch-devops wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My name is Leonidas Spyropoulos (known as artafinde / inglor on many 
>> platforms) and I'm a Trusted User at Arch Linux [1]. I'm applying to 
>> become a Junior DevOps in the devops Arch Linux team. I've been 
>> running Arch Linux from circa 2007 daily with dual boot in the old 
>> days and VFIO now for gaming.
>> I've been contributing in open-source projects [2][3] and in Arch 
>> Linux for about a year or so (when I asked in #archlinux-devops for a 
>> gitlab account) with patches/MRs for infrastructure, work on 
>> keycloak, aurweb and more recently a tool for exporting gitlab 
>> metrics for prometheus [4][5].
>> I've been using ansible, terraform, vault and jenkins at work and 
>> recently changed to gitlab so I think I could apply some of this 
>> knowledge to Arch Linux infrastructure. Furthermore I got experience 
>> in Cloud infrastructure (AWS) and Kubernetes cluster along with 
>> private Docker registry (in AWS) from both devops and software 
>> development point of view.
>> My interest in DevOps team is the admin part and automation. I've 
>> been having personal server(s) [6] for years now and I was part of 
>> the admin team at my previous job. I think automation and 
>> infrastructure-as-code is the way to manage infrastructure now days 
>> and although we lacked the automation at my previous job I very well 
>> understand how crucial things could be for others and the 
>> responsibilities which come moderating public facing servers. 
>> Additionally I think I can assist on the mundane tasks the devops 
>> team is currently dealing with because for me it would be a new 
>> interesting challenge.
>> Sponsors:
>> - Evangelos Foutras (foutrelis)
>> - Kristian Klausen (klausenbusk)
>> [1]: https://archlinux.org/people/trusted-users/#artafinde
>> [2]: https://github.com/inglor
>> [3]: https://gitlab.archlinux.org/artafinde
>> [4]: https://gitlab.archlinux.org/artafinde/gitlab-exporter
>> [6]: https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/infrastructure/-/issues/14
>> [5]: Personal "servers" could be from as early as 2004 a headless 
>> Pentium 3 with debian to currently 4x VPSs and an Unraid at home
>> Regards,
> I hereby confirm the sponsorship of Leonidas.
> I suggest a discussion period of 14 days upon which Leonidas will be 
> made a Junior DevOps unless someone brings forth a good reason why 
> that should not happen.
> ---
> Kristian

After 14 days and only positive feedback, Leonidas is now a Junior 
DevOps! Congrats!

I and Evangelos will handle the onboarding.
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