[arch-events] Arch Linux CDs for FrOSCon

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 14 07:50:44 EDT 2009

Thomas Bächler schrieb:
> I just got confirmation for my order of 100 Arch CDs from a local 
> company (http://www.icoco.de). This will cost the Arch donation pot 260€ 
> which I already received from Aaron.
> The CDs should be ready tomorrow or at the beginning of next week and 
> will be given away for free at FrOSCon. They are created by copying the 
> squashfs images, initramfs images, kernels and bootloaders from the 
> official 2009.08 core ISOs to create one ISO for both architectures.
> I had to remove the legacy-ide initramfs images so everything would fit 
> on one disc (had about 5MB too much for a non-overburned image). 
> Providing virtually nobody will need legacy-ide drivers nowadays, it 
> doesn't matter (with 2.6.30, all ide devices should be supported by 
> libata).
> I will send photos as soon as I get the CDs.

I just collected and paid the CDs. Tried one and it booted on qemu with 
the i686 kernel, will do another few tests at home (but as the image 
booted fine at home when I burned it myself, I guess it will work).

Will send a few photos later, but I can tell you now that they look great.

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