[arch-events] More info + Presentation machines

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 17 03:27:50 EDT 2009

I received another email from the FrOSCon guys last night. It contained 
a PDF which exceeded the list file size limit, so you'll have to wait 
until Aaron moderates it.

About presentation machines: It's looking like we're going to get two 
tables. So how many presentation machines do we want? What do we want to 
show on them?

Last year, we had one experimentation machine where we had a KDE desktop 
and could show everyone how pacman worked and so on. On the other 
machine, a move with an example installation was running. I am thinking 
we could omit the latter and only have one machine there on which we can 
install Arch at will and do stuff with it.

Please, give me your ideas. Also I'd like to remind people to fill in 
missing information on 

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