[arch-events] FrOSCon - Who brings what?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 17 08:06:38 EDT 2009

Jens Adam schrieb:
> The displays:
> - 22" Samsung 226BW, VGA + DVI inputs, 1680x1050, black and shiny
> - 19" HannSpree, VGA + DVI inputs, 1440x900, integrated speakers and more adjustable than the Samsung
> The PC shouldn't be much different than the one from last year, just smaller.
> - 2.2 GHz single-core Sempron, 2 GB RAM, onboard Nvidia chipset graphics, dual Gbit, VGA+DVI output

Can we use the nvidia for dualhead? Also, a USB CD drive or a USB key 
for installations is a necesity with this box.

> I didn't try it yet, but our current 185.18.31-1 nvidia driver should support it.
> The harddisk (2,5") has 320 GB and can be used as you like, there's nothing on it.

Okay, that is sufficient.

Considering it is his primary machine: Do we even need Gerhard's box 
then? Can someone else bring a secondary machine? I agree with Gerhard 
that the 40GB drive should be enough for experimentation and 
demonstration. I have a snapshot of our repos on my laptop anyway (which 
I can also use for demonstration purposes while I am around), so we 
could used FTP over LAN. I think I will bring the 120GB HD anyway.

> I'll also bring a bunch of network stuff, like cables and a 16-port switch.

I have a 5-port which we could use for the booth, then we use your 
16-port and my wireless AP for the project room.

> If there's anything else coming to your mind that could be needed, just post it here or on the wiki.

I can't think of something right now. Anyone?

Hmm, of course, keyboards and mice in a sufficient quantitiy :)

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