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Dear Exhibitors,

the planning of our exhibition area is finally done. On the attached 
plan you
can see where your booth will be located. Unfortunately, it's not sure yet,
how many bar tables we can provide, so the correspoonding marks the plan 
yellow circles) are still provisional. However, there will be a wall behind
each booth, on which you can fix posters with velcro tape, which you can 
from us. If you plan to bring a few computers to your booth, please 
bring your
own ethernet switches and power strips, too. You can prepare your booth 
from 6
p.m. on Friday and 7 a.m. on Saturday.

Please send us the names of the people who will run your booth (if you 
have yet), so we can deposit exhibitor tickets for them at our cash desks.
With those exhibitor tickets you get free entrance and free catering at

If you've got a booth or a project room free of charge for your open source
project (this does not apply if you have a paid booth, that is e.g. part 
of a
sponsoring package), we'd kindly ask you to take care that you do not 
any information, flyers, logos or other merchandise gifts from companies 
who do
not support us through a paid sponsorship.

Those sponsorships provide the funding needed in order to organize the
conference and provide you with free-of-charge rooms, booths, catering and
hopefully a great FrOSCon overall.

If you have any further questions regarding this specific issue or about
sponsoring FrOSCon in general, you can contact us at sponsoren at froscon.org.

We are really looking forward to see you at FrOSCon.

Kind regards,
Inga Herber
The FrOSCon Team
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