[arch-events] Upcoming events in Germany

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 24 04:01:47 EDT 2009

Yesterday, I was approached by a Ubuntu representative and member of 
OpenRheinRuhr e.V. who personally invited me to OpenRheinRuhr 
http://openrheinruhr.de/ on 7./8. November.

I don't know if I have the energy to help organize this one, but he was 
very eager to have us there and have at least a small lightning talk 
about who we are and what we do. What do you think?

Also, Andy was talking highly about Chemnitzer Linuxtage. They will be 
in March and I think we will have to decide until November whether we'll 
be there. I haven't searched http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de/ for more 
information about it.

It's also on a weekend, they have places to sleep in a gym, so it's 
probably possible for me to be there. Andy and me agreed that we will 
try to be there with an Arch booth. We should start planning this in 
time. I feel more positive about that one, so who is interested?

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