[arch-events] ArchCon 2010

Dusty Phillips dusty at linux.ca
Mon Nov 2 11:32:39 EST 2009

Hey everyone,

We started discussing an Arch Linux Canada conference and decided we'd
host a general Arch Linux Conference. Yah, it's been discussed before,
but never has it been done. Our theory is it'll go better than we
expected and we'll do it again someplace else, or it'll totally bomb
and we won't try again. ;-)

Here's some sketchy news and information.


The only thing decided so far is location (Toronto, Canada), and date
(July; ok, so it's not totally decided). If anyone wants to join in on
organizing this, discuss on this mailing list, or this thread:


or on comments at the archcon2010 site above.

We're looking for people with experience in Toronto, or with
experience organizing conferences, or just interest in helping out to
join the discussion and hopefully help us not make many mistakes. If
someone wants to do a wordpress theme for the site (I wanted a quick,
simple CMS, and wordpress was available as a one-click install), or
design a logo for the conference or search through proposals and pick
the good ones, let me know.


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