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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 17:51:07 +0100
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I'm currently aware of the following talk proposals:

Title: none given yet (something about enterprise linux)
Speaker: Dag Wieers (CentOS)

Title: How to be a good downstream
Speaker: Thomas Weber (Debian)

Title: Ada in Debian and other distributions
Speakers: Ludovic Brenta (Debian), Miguel Telleria de Esteban

Title: Zentyal
Speaker: Jorge Salamero Sanz

In addition to that, I'm aware of two or three more slots that might be
in the making, but there's either no details about them yet, or they
haven't made them on the list here but rather in private mail.

This is a start, I guess, but four is absolutely not enough.

Can people please poke their respective communities a bit more to get
some more talk proposals? Please also remember that the deadline is in
"only" 6 weeks.

As an aside, note that as far as I'm concerned sessions don't *need* to
be cross-distro; I do think that such subject matters are better, but I
also think that distribution-specific topics are preferable to holes in
the schedule. And hey, perhaps we can even learn from eachother :-)


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