[arch-general] Change kernel version or module dir?at?bootprompt?

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Sun Dec 2 13:41:21 EST 2007

* Tobias Powalowski <t.powa at gmx.de> schrieb am [02.12.07 16:06]:
> i meant that you install the kernel from the ISO in combination with the 
> initrd.
> that it is available on the disk and not that you need to boot the cd itself.

At the risk that i misunderstand this, but:
At the moment i could do this, Kernel on ISO is 2.6.22. But when 2.6.23
reaches the ISO, we have the same problem as now: a collision between
uname -r/lib/modules from ISO to stock kernel.

Or am i think completly stupid?

> greetings
> tpowa


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