[arch-general] Xfce plugins

_saiko saiko at harrr.net
Sat Dec 8 07:47:03 EST 2007

Hi all.
Since a certain upgrade (regular -Syu) the tips on xfce plug-ins that 
are located on panels aren't updating their contents as they should.
It's a bit hard to explain so i'll give sshot:
The data in that tip/popup, or whatever u call it (stats of transfer 
speed etc..), got updated while i just had mouse over it
Now i have to constantly move the mouse over the trigger area that 
raises the tip so that the data inside gets updated.

It's annoying actually when u like to have such handy statistics reading :)

Did also somebody else noticed this?
Also i'm not sure if this is only Xfce's fault so if somebody running a 
different distro and newest xfce could confirm?

Thanks for any usefull info

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