[arch-general] missing vbox_build_module

richard terry rterry at gnumed.net
Fri Dec 14 03:46:03 EST 2007

I wonder if anyone has anyidea about this, I posted previously and got no 

May laptop is 1.8 celeron + ati, I upgraded system > no X, tried reconfiguring 
X to no avail (X wouldn't boot at all, just seemed to lock up). I downgraded 
back to  kernel26-, and kde loaded fine, but 
virtualbox wouldn't load (no front-end gui), no error logs generated, the 
command just hangs in the terminal. 

looked everywhere for the /usr/bin/vbox_build_module to rebuild the kernel 
module but dosn't seem to exist on the computer. Did an updatedb etc first to 
try and find it. Checked out the forum and of course all the posts mention to 
use that file.

doing a pacman -Ql <package name> also it seems the file needed to rebuild the 
kernel module is not in any of them.

Any Idea's appreciated.


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