[arch-general] problem compiling for i586 with new makepkg

Karolina Lindqvist karolina.lindqvist at kramnet.se
Fri Dec 14 18:33:54 EST 2007

There is a problem with compiling with CHOST="i586" with the new 

It simply refuses with the message:

	pkgname is not available for the 'i586' architecture.
	Note that many packages may need a line added to their PKGBUILD
	such as arch=('i586').

To edit each and every PKGBUILD for each and every package and every update 
appears like quite a big work. And since I could not find any option to turn 
that "feature" off, or any hook to SED it in, I just commented it out in 
makepkg. What was the thought with this?
The -w option is also taken away from makepkg. Why?
(I found the alternate solution, but still)


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