[arch-general] Kernel OOPS with AVM fwlanusb

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Sat Dec 22 11:01:04 EST 2007

* Gerhard Brauer <gerhard.brauer at web.de> schrieb am [22.12.07 15:05]:
> If @tpowa reads this:
> if see strcopy in trap, could this be something similar we have had with
> avm fritz card and the objcopy-Patches?
> Thank you for having a look at this!

Ok, i solved it. It was the same issue as with fcpci.
Patching *.lib.o with objcopy result in an working module.

Run's stable with wpa_supplicant (much better than with ndiswrapper).
I'll make a PKGBUILD for AUR soon.


Schlagt den Raab!

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