[arch-general] famd problems

_saiko saiko at harrr.net
Thu Dec 27 18:45:12 EST 2007

Famd has always been more problematic then useful for me.
On random occasions after i plugged a mp3 player or an external usb 
drive it would just start using cpu @ 100% and there was no change at 
all. I had to kill the process.

Just now i plugged my USB drive and wanted to copy something. CPU usage 
was 100% and iostat reported <3MB/s rate non sequential!
I checked the processes and as expected ntfs-3g driver was using most 
but famd was there too!
So i nicely killed famd once again... and transfer rate went @ ~22MB/s 
as expected

Is there a way to live without famd since all it brings are problems for me?
It's required by many things so i can't just remove it.

I'm doing a regular -Syu and this problem was present ... since like forever

Any explanation to this?
Also i'm using xfce, 2GB ram, separate physical system drive

Many thanks

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