[arch-general] [English] New Distro - Can't Read German

waldek waldek.news at web.de
Tue Apr 1 03:58:12 EDT 2008

pyther wrote:
> I need you guys to recommend a new distro. Unfortunately I made a terrible
> mistake by taking Spanish two years ago (didn't learn much, but still...).
> This means I do not know German I will be unable to read man pages and what
> not!
> I am looking for an ENGLISH distro that is as similar to Arch Linux as
> possible. Any help would be great!

I am not sure if you know that, but according to what Judd said in the 


he was using PLD, which was in Polish. A few days ago there was one 
interesting statement (btw in not too interesting flame war):

"Suffice to say: for all the "old timers" out there, I am on your side.
I *am* an "old timer", and I will do everything in my power to make
arch what it was.

- Aaron Griffin"

well, he did it. Polish was a bit too extreme so the peaceful fraction 
of "old timers" agreed to switch to German instead.
More is coming...



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