[arch-general] How to create archlinux install CD?

Karolina Lindqvist karolina.lindqvist at kramnet.se
Fri Apr 4 02:39:50 EDT 2008

I have a new i586 machine and want to install archlinux i586 on it. So I want 
to recreate the archlinux install CD.  But how do i do it? I have unpacked 
the install ISO, and is replacing all the packages, but when it comes to 
inird.img, the instructions in the wiki do not work. I cannot mount the 
unzipped inird.img. What should I do? file say that it is a cpio archive, but 
how do I unpack and mount it? And then, what is lowcore.img?

Of course I could do it by booting debian, or something, and then replacing it 
with archlinux, but actually having an archlinux install CD would be pretty 
handy for my i586 machines.

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