[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] initscripts changes

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Apr 6 18:29:07 EDT 2008

RedShift schrieb:
> Yes. It's not logical. fstab was made for mounting filesystems, why even 
> consider moving it to rc.sysinit? It's not because it makes the system 
> unusable without it, that it should be moved to rc.sysinit. Why the 
> change anyway? What's the benefit? Now we're going to see "Heeey stuff's 
> being mounted that's not in fstab? wtf?". This change is just plain 
> irrational, fstab was _specifically made_ for mounting filesystems.

fstab was made for mounting real filesystems, not virtual ones. We 
already mount several virtual filesystems outside of fstab because we 
have to. This is just adding more logic: Mount stuff that is mandatory 
for the system to be functional in a hardcoded way instead of allowing 
people to break it.

> If 
> you're going to hardcode stuff like that you might as well throw away 
> fstab.

NOW you're being irrational.

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