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David Moore davidm at sjsoft.com
Mon Apr 7 09:41:53 EDT 2008

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Thomas Bächler wrote:
> There is in fact a valid reason why we should not hardcode devpts and I
> am thinking of dropping the thought, but none of you even cared to bring
> it up, instead you bitch about your weird principles, which you claim to
> be Arch's principles, insulting developers and being an ass on the way.
>   I am following KISS and trying to make things simpler, while you want
> to keep things more complicated, because you think that's what Arch is
> about.

This is not KISS.  KISS means keep what you're doing simple.  Doing things
manually in initscripts instead of somewhere which was designed to hold
information of that nature is not simple, it is complicated.

If the KISS philosophy meant "make it simpler for the user", Ubuntu would be the
best KISS distro out there at the moment and Arch would be aspiring to be like
Ubuntu.  Although there is nothing wrong with Ubuntu, I hope we can all agree
that is not what we want Arch to be.

Dave Moore
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