[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] initscripts changes

Arvid Ephraim Picciani aep at ibcsolutions.de
Mon Apr 7 09:53:20 EDT 2008

On Monday 07 April 2008 13:52:21 Thomas Bächler wrote:

> If I assume a user has no idea what 'lo'
> is, I can still give him a working system by hardcoding the 'lo'
> interface to rc.sysinit.

Your assumptions are worse then i thought. 

> Then I look at the user under the assumption that he knows what 'lo' is:
> he still has a working system, 

ubuntu is "working" too.

> his flexibility has not been reduced at 
> all, he is as happy as before (in fact, he won't even notice). To go
> further: if he really wants to configure 'lo' differently (which he
> doesn't), he still can.

weird. exactly the arguments ubuntu devs use. 

>    I am following KISS and trying to make things simpler, while you want
> to keep things more complicated, because you think that's what Arch is
> about.

ubuntu-simple and arch-simple are different.

ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu, ubuntu,
just not archlinux.


thanks aaron, you rock.

best regards
Arvid Ephraim Picciani

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