[arch-general] eclipse crashes with jre-6u5

Maik Beckmann beckmann.maik at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 10 03:34:06 EDT 2008

Just a note for those using eclipse:  
- http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6614100

This issues isn't one with 6u3.

A workaround suggested at the page linked to above is to create a file called 
containing this
  exclude org/eclipse/core/internal/dtree/DataTreeNode forwardDeltaWith

I will test the workaround first.  If it really work I'll report here.  If it 
doesn't, I'll use abs to downgrade to 6u3.

 -- Maik

PS:  Don't consider me as a java pro.  I use eclipse for C++,Fortran and 

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