[arch-general] New abs and /var/abs/community

Otakar Truněček otakar.trunecek at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 04:27:24 EDT 2008

Dne Wednesday 16 of April 2008 09:48:54 Karolina Lindqvist napsal(a):
> With the new abs, community disappeared from /var/abs.
> Do I need to do something special to get it?
> after abs
> shakti:~$ ls /var/abs
> core  extra  local  README  testing  unstable
> shakti:~$ grep REPOS /etc/abs.conf
> # REPOS to be parsed by abs (in this order)
> REPOS=(core extra unstable community testing)
> shakti:~$

Citation from Archlinux news (http://archlinux.org/news/390/):
"/etc/abs/* are no longer required"


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