[arch-general] texlive (again?)

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Tue Apr 22 12:19:56 EDT 2008

Ján Špakula a écrit :
> I'll contact the tetex dev (Jason Chu) with a request to add a texlive
> info/warning to tetex install script. This change is hopefully small
> enough and sensible that it would go through.
Fine with me

> One more piece of "evidence" that something like this would be
> desirable: today somebody uploaded to AUR a latex package, which a part
> of texlive-core package - so apparently the person had no idea texlive
> is around.
This is hard to believe! :)

Anyway, I have seen several packages like this on AUR in the past and I 
have written comments or emailed their maintainers to inform them about 
texlive (especially during the month after it was released). If you see 
such packages would you be so kind and write a comment on AUR, or inform 
me about it (privately or on the aur-general ML)?

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