[arch-general] Any place where changes in testing are announced?

Peter Galiovsky peter at galiovsky.sk
Mon Apr 28 18:17:05 EDT 2008

Xavier __ 28.04.2008 15:47
> And as far as I can see, the testing repo is what it means : for testing!
> Packages are tested, and breakages / changes are often found during
> that period. When these changes are normal and/or unavoidable, an
> announcement is usually made before they are pushed to core / extra.
> Testing is for people who are willing to contribute to the stability
> and smooth upgrades of core/extra packages, who have time to figure
> things out when a breakage happen (which sometimes means spending a
> few hours, and getting headaches), who update regularly (more than
> every few months), and who follow arch-dev-public.
> No one can prevent people who don't fit all these requirements to use
> testing, but at least they should be aware of them.

There are times when I do have the time to upgrade often, read the 
mailing lists, browse through the forums and file some bugs.

And there are times when I don't have it. Probably I should just disable 
the testing repo for times like that.

I was just curious if there is any single place where, for example, 
changelogs for packages can be found.

Maybe it could be created automatically from SVN log messages.

(Yeah, I know, I can implement it if I really want it.)


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