[arch-general] Any place where changes in testing are announced?

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Tue Apr 29 01:52:42 EDT 2008

On Dienstag, 29. April 2008 00:40 Alessio Bolognino wrote:

> Pacman's changelog support was added to reflect "package's changes", not
> "upstream changes"; that's what frugalware devs are doing, and they use
> (almost) the same package manager.

Yes that is right and i don't think that anyone will make more work for the

Okay, let us look at the beginning of this thread and so at first, xorg-server
has no ChangeLog but this "--enable-config-hal" was a "package's change" and
not a "upstream change".

Second, i suggest that the devs take a look at *.spec files from a rpm based
distribution (or something else) and think about if this will be realy so
much work to document the changes which could be a help for testers, users
and other devs too.

I attach the xorg-x11.spec from opensuse 10.3 source rpm to give a example
(search for the %changelog line) and again, this is only a suggestion to make
it easier for everyone to see the diffs. You will see that the lines been
very short but in the worst case they could be very helpfull to understand
the problem or in the best case you can understand why something works better
as before and another one can make his package in the same way.

Sometimes i have the feeling that in every discussion about this ChangeLog the
most see this more than a "ohh, i have to write a documentation" instead of
that his could be a help for themselves too.

Important last note: I don't suggest to document the past because we all do
this here in private time. And yes, if the package is the normal and simple
configure&make game than a ChangeLog is not really necessary.

See you, Attila
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