[arch-general] Jacman. Problem installing packages (don't panic)

Stefano Esposito ragnarok at email.it
Thu Feb 7 12:37:39 EST 2008

On Thu, 7 Feb 2008 15:18:24 +0100
solsTiCe d'Hiver <solstice.dhiver at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi.
> > IMHO, at the actually status of pacman, is a suicide go to
> > programming a GUI.
> what do you mean by that ? 
> i wonder why after pacman is finally splitted into two with a library
> like libalpm, we do not see more GUI popping up...
> i have tried to use libalpm just to see; it's not easy but i am a
> newbie at programming in C. anyone ?

I'm trying to write a python binding to be used in the next future of
gtkpacman. By now i've implemented just alpm_db* (with a Database
class), alpm_pkg* (with a Package class) and alpm_option* (with an
Alpm class). If anyone wants to take a look it's on berlios.de, project
pyalpm (you'll need pyrex to compile the module). Of course is
totally not documented :). Any help in the project would be very
appreciated, so if anyone is intersted feel free to contact me ;)


P.S.: a minimal example of usage is

>>> from alpm import Alpm
>>> pm = Alpm()

and then do what you want with the pm object methods :)
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