[arch-general] problem with fakeroot

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Tue Feb 19 15:45:06 EST 2008

On Montag, 18. Februar 2008 22:26 Karolina Lindqvist wrote:

> No, it aborts after that.

Your announcement makes me a little bit nervous about fakeroot so i make the
same as you. Makepkg runs well under a normal instead i have 4 of your
messages about libfakeroot.

> It does say ERROR:, even though the text says ignored, so I think ld.so, or
> whatever says it, is returning an error code.

Okay, compiling kdelibs is not very fast but trying a second time with writing
a logfile (makepkg 2>&1 | tee build.log) is from my view a better idea than
running makepkg under root acount.

See you, Attila

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