[arch-general] Concurrent java environments

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:37:03 EST 2008

If you want to change paths and/or other environment variables, maybe 
/etc/profile.d is the place to put a declaration; everything in /opt needs 

If you wanted to disable it being sourced almost permanently, you could 
just have it chmod 644 instead of 755

While regular users can call those scripts from their own .bash_profile 

* On Sunday, February 24 2008, Ondřej Kučera wrote:

>I was wondering - why jre/jdk packages conflict with java-gcj-compat?
>Unless I missed something there are no file conflicts (since jre and
>jdk are in /opt) and I think the rest (switching between the
>environments when necessary) could be done be (re)setting of
>environment variables (such as $PATH and $JAVA_HOME). Or am I
>overlooking something?
>Being a java developer (at least from time to time) I am in need of Sun
>implementation (actually even of version 6), on the other hand on
>x86_64 the webplugin from gcc-gcj in combination with java-gcj-compat is
>the only way to run some applets (e. g. those that need security
>certificates; for other applets only gcc-gcj might be enough).
>Ondřej Kučera

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