[arch-general] Boot sequence stops at modules (rc.sysinit)

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Fri Feb 29 20:25:03 EST 2008

> Stephen Wilkinson schrieb:
>> I tried booting into different run levels (adding 1 or 3 to the kernel
>> line of grub), but it makes no difference.
> I'm no dev - but as far as I know the bsd-style initscripts gave
> ArchLinux no runlevels like you find them in SysV-style systems like
> Debian or SUSE.
> Running is running...
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Um, yes there ARE run levels and a look at BOTH inittab and the scripts
that are called from the levels being used will indicate that as well. For
instance the difference between level three and level five is part of
inittab itself. <- I use the difference between levels 3 and 5 during new
system installs.

YMMV of course.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch

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