[arch-general] firefox 3 tabs bug?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Fri Jul 11 11:50:51 EDT 2008

Been having a weird issue with FF3.  Thought I'd check here before 
filing a bug report either with Arch or Mozilla.

I have FF configured with "New pages should be opened in:  a new tab" 
(as opposed to a new window).  However, as per the FF help, they do the 
"proper" thing and ignore this setting when a page requests to open a 
window of a specific size:

"Tabs Preferences

New pages should be opened in:
This preference controls whether links from other applications or from 
web pages which request to open them in new windows are opened in a new 
window or a new tab in the most recent window.

Note: If you have chosen to open pages in new tabs, Firefox will ignore 
this preference and will open a new window from a link if the page 
author specified that the new window should have a specific size, 
because some pages can only be displayed correctly at a specific size."

This all worked perfectly in FF2.  Pages were always opened in new tabs, 
with the exception of pages that wanted to open themselves in "dialog" 
style external windows of a particular size.

However, this behavior is totally borked in FF3.  FF3 no longer ignores 
the setting and opens a new window when a particular window size is 
requested.  Instead, it *always* opens new pages in a new, even if 
they're intended to be dialogs.  And even worse, after opening the page 
in a new tab, it then proceeds to resize the existing browser window to 
the size requested.  This is obviously really irritating, as my browser 
window keeps getting resized on my, and I have to keep manually 
restoring it back to my preferred size.

Anyone else seeing this?  If so, know of a fix or a workaround?  If not, 
anyone know if there's already a bug report open about this on Arch or 



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