[arch-general] Lyx and texlive don't allow viewing the document as pdf, ps, or dvi

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Tue Jul 15 16:30:46 EDT 2008

On Dienstag, 15. Juli 2008 21:48 Ravi Desai wrote:

> Oh, I figured out what the problem was.
> /opt/texlive/bin was not included in the PATH, so I added it in
> /etc/profile, logged back in, the my files are showing perfectly.

/etc/profile is not a good place to put custom things because i could be
overwritten during an update. It is better to create a own file
under /etc/profile.d.

But you should have a /etc/profile.d/texlive.sh with this lines:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/texlive/bin
export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/opt/texlive/man

Normaly you have only to logout/-in after installing texlive (or do
a "source /etc/profile.d/texlive.sh"), but nice to see that it is no problem
to work with lyx and texlive.

See you, Attila

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