[arch-general] ? regarding latest Dont Panic updates, and KDE4

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at aliceadsl.fr
Wed Jul 30 15:44:59 EDT 2008

I've been downloading iso's on dialup for some days, so havn't updated much on 
my OS's. Last time I updated Dont Panic on my new machine was 20080709.

A pacman -Sy, followed by pacman -Su rung some alarm bells when it said arts 
was going to be replaced "yes, or no?". Well ages back I'd read that arts 
wasn't going to be in KDE4, so this looked like an upgrade to KDE4. Said yes 
to that, and then see a mention that extra/kdeplasma-addons is going to 
replace kdeaddons, and kdeplasma is definately KDE4 from my reading the 
fedora list for Fedora 9, and the Kubuntu list where KDE4 is an option with 
Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04. To see where this is going I say yes to the plasma 
stuff, and yes there is definately an upgrade from KDE3.5 to KDE4 in 

One question is how new this upgrade is. I ask because an hour or so ago, the 
upgrade was in the 500+MB IIRC, but just having run pacman -Sy, and pacman 
-Su, the upgrade is now 643.38MB. Looking at the list of KDE packages to be 
upgraded, the only one that is not being upgraded to KDE4 is kdelibs, which 
shows an upgrade to kdelibs3-3.5.9-1.

Should I perhaps wait a couple of days before doing the pacman -Su, so as to 
make sure that the transition to KDE4 will have all the necessary packages 

The second question, as I've seen a whole bunch of problems with KDE4 on 
mainly the Fedora list, but also on the Kubuntu list where folks using Hardy 
Heron 8.04 have decided to try KDE4, rather than the default KDE3.5, is, does 
KDE4 run ok on Don't Panic, without totally screwing up the desktop, that 
currently is working fine under KDE3.5?

I'll start downloading the packages as I'm on dialup, so there is plenty of 
time for answers. I get about 150MB in 9hrs, so bearing in mind that during 
the daytime I'm doing other stuff on the Internet, I'd estimate about 45-48 
hours is needed to download all the packages before they start to be 
installed. So the clock is ticking as from now. Answers please before the 
package downloads finish, and I'm stuck with KDE4.

Just a bit of fun as the list is quiet. I suppose sooner or later I'll find 
some distro or other has KDE4 as default, and will have to go with it, but 
having seen many problems on the Fedora list, admittadly with kde-4.0, with 
promises that things would be better with kde-4.1, and of course Don't Panic 
is upgrading to kde-4.1.0-1, so perhaps I'm worrying about nothing.

Nice distro, but I really do wish that Andy would fix Jacman.


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