[arch-general] Kernel ext2 driver

Peter Feuerer peter.feuerer at linuX-gamers.net
Sat Mar 1 12:34:11 EST 2008

Hi list,
just wanted to ask, why ext2 isn't built directly into the kernel
anymore? Is there any special reason? 
I would prefer to have ext2 built in again, because I'm dealing a lot
with special configurations of archlinux, like thinclient installations
where the whole image is running in an ext2 formated ramdisk and so on.
Currently I'm building the complete kernel everytime I need to do an
upgrade. But I think the ext2 driver isn't such a big ballast for
standard systems, so you might want to do me a favour and set it as a
built in driver of the standard kernel again. Would save me a lot of
compile time.
kind regards,

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