[arch-general] Kernel ext2 driver

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Tue Mar 4 22:43:31 EST 2008

> On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 13:59 -0800, eliott wrote:
>> This thread is stupid.
>> If you want ext2 compiled into the kernel by default.. for goodness
>> sake, do it yourself. It would be what.. a two line change in the ABS
>> pkgbuild for the kernel?
>> The original poster said he had a thin client farm using the old
>> initrd image, so he has likely diverged from the current kernel
>> install enough that he should be using (and testing) his own kernel
>> PKGBUILD anyway.
>> Storm in a teacup.
>> /me facepalms
> don't be so aggressive... I just asked friendly to add ext2 to the
> standard kernel, because that is the only change I need to do, to run my
> systems.
> And the answer of the arch kernel devs is clear and I do understand
> that. So I will build my own kernel with abs, like i did since ext2 was
> set to module.
> please don't do further discussion on this thread!
> ty,
> --peter

OOPSS.... Sometimes I read my email backwards (most recently received
first), and it seems I replied to some email just a few minutes ago
without a good review of the situation.

Sorry if my comments aobut the kernel offended anyone.

and Very best regards;

Bob Finch

Liviu Librescu - În veci pomenirea lui.
(May his memory be eternal.)

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