[arch-general] compiz-fusion with gnome

Verner Jänes phisphere at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 14:44:51 EDT 2008

Hi. I installed compiz-fusion to my gnome desktop and now I have two problems with it. First: no shadows around windows or panels (tweaked the window manager section under compiz control panel, but it didn't work).
Secondly, the performance is very bad although games (e.g. urban terror) run fairly good. Also it seems that there is no option to use metacity styles (under ubuntu you can still use the same themes if I'm not mistaken).

Just to mention, few days ago I had problems with compositing and openGL (I wrote a letter to the mailinglist), but after reinstalling and using nvidia-xconfig --composite option (no --add-argb-visuals any more on newer nvidia cards), the problem got fixed.

So anyone having the same problem or know how to help, please let me know.


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