[arch-general] Grub and GPT partition labels

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Tue Mar 18 13:26:10 EDT 2008

On Dienstag, 18. März 2008 17:19 Joe Phantom wrote:

>>  Seems like it'd be a much better idea to just recompile it yourself,
>>  considering I have no idea what GPT partition tables are and no one
>>  else seems to really care.......
> I think macbook's hardrive is the most common example of a HD using
> GPT partition tables by default.

Because the gentoo bugreport results in a second bugreport which is a
sideeffect of this action i get a little bit nervous because the worst case
would be that after a upgrade of grub only Intel Mac's boots and the other of
us have a problem.-)

> Macbook Debian Wiki has some info about GPT + GRUB:
> http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook

Is it so that Debian offers different install cd's? Could it that this will be
the safer way instead of risking too much with a so much important package?

See you, Attila

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