[arch-general] Installation: after first reboot ext3 superblock mount time in future

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Sat Mar 29 09:42:45 EDT 2008

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 03:16:00PM +0200, Grigorios Bouzakis wrote:
> This only appears if you set the  HARDWWARECLOCK to UTC as far as i can
> tell.

Most times in virtual machines i leave it to localtime.
But the hwclock of a vm comes from the host system (here it's set to

> Even though i dont have Widnows installed localtime works better for me,
> no such issues and plus the clock uses the correct time. UTC is 2 hours
> ahead.

Yes, windows have it's own goal with the clock: all mine, don't care
about other's ;-)

If i remember it, i will try next installations with tzdate set before
fdisk. Maybe this could solve it.

Perhaps we could set tzdate/TIMEZONE in the installer before
(c)fdisk'ing, maybe in km or as a own menu option if this is the reason.

> Greg


Linux ist wenn es trotzdem geht...

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