[arch-general] Dropping ipw3945 from core

Michael Schaefer archlinux.org at micele.de
Mon Mar 31 12:51:12 EDT 2008

Hans Janssen wrote:
> I can use iwl3945 but the radio led on my acer laptop doesn't work with 
> it, where it does with ipw3945.
> Not a big issue but it's nice to see if wireless is up at a glance.

Gave it a second try and works fine for me now. But i have the same 
issue with the non working wireless led. any solution for this? would be 
nice to see if wireless is up or not...

btw: did anyone bring kismet up and running with iwl? with ipw it wasn't 
a problem. with iwl kismet crys for "unknown source iwl3945" while 
starting and craches...


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