[arch-general] Dropping ipw3945 from core

Michael Schaefer archlinux.org at micele.de
Mon Mar 31 13:26:55 EDT 2008

Xavier wrote:
> Hey, we know the wireless led doesn't work, it has always been said so! 
> There is no need to repeat 10 times.
> And I personally couldn't even notice it, I don't see what's so critical 
> about it. You find out whether the net is working or not the second you 
> try to access something. And when it doesn't work and you have doubts, a 
> simple iwconfig usually helps.

well, this was the second 'led doesn't work'-post in this thread. don't 
see the issue. furthermore i tried iwl first time today - sorry for not 
searching the hole net if someone else mentioned the non working led 
before ;)
please don't take it personal, that i would like to have my hardware 
working the way it's supposed to..didn't know i have explain myself 
cause i would like to have a working led insetad of using iwconfig or 
whatever. there is always a workaround..

> PS: this mail isn't aimed at you in particular, I just wanted the "led 
> doesn't work" messages to stop :)

well.. ok. but i think there is nothing bad in just telling about the 
differences when changing from ipw to iwl. this was the initial 
intention of this thread i guess.

anyhow there was a second question (about kismet), maybe this gives my 
post a right to exist?


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