[arch-general] Kernel 2.6.32 and Radeon KMS

Gabriel Morrison Lima Dantas gdantas2 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 09:51:23 EST 2009

Hi, I installed kernel26 and kernel26-firmware from testing, and I'm
experiencing some problems with KMS. During system initialization, the
system requests the firmware radeon/R300_cp.bin, waits a couple of seconds
and then proceeds normal initialization. But when I log into X, DRI isn't
enabled. Checking dmesg, I see that the kernel couldn't load R300 firmware,
therefore disabling GPU acceleration.
My problem is the same of this post:
http://old.nabble.com/kernel-2.6.32-experiences-td26458040.html. Thomas said
that mkinitcpio automatically inserts firmware listed in modinfo module in
the initramfs image. When I run modinfo radeon | grep R300, it shows me
'firmware: radeon/R300_cp.bin'. So it should be available to kernel at the
time of requesting it, shouldn't it?
Has someone any idea to help solving that problem?

Thanks in advance.

Gabriel Morrison

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