[arch-general] Wheel Problem

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Feb 5 12:06:56 EST 2009

Hmmm ... dunno.  I'm not seeing this in my Arch VM using Fluxbox.  Wheel 
down sends button 5 events, and wheel up sends button 4.  I'm using X 
hotplugging as well - i.e., evdev and HAL.

I'm using Virtualbox, however.  Sounds like you're using VMWare.

Is the VM up to date with the latest Arch packages?

Not sure what else to tell you.  :-(


Guillermo Leira wrote:
> Gnome. And the same in all the other physical and virtual machines.
> I forgot to mention this: I copied the vmware server vmdk files, and
> booted it in virtualbox. I just removed open-vm-tools and installed
> the Vbox Guest Additions, and it works fine...
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> Guillermo Leira wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have installed Arch in a virtual machine. I'm using the xorg 
>> hotplugging option. I have an annoying problem: When I try to
>> scroll up using the wheel mouse, I scroll down (a lot). I have used
>> xev to see what was xorg receiving from the mouse. Wheel down sends
>> one "button 5" event, but wheel up sends about twenty "button 5".
>> I have several other VMs in the same computer, and all of them work
>>  fine. I also have some other Arch VMs in other computers, and they
>>  work fine. I can't find why this one does not work...
>> I have tried to modify the hal configuration files, evdev and
>> vmmouse drivers, but no luck. Any suggestions?
>> Best Regards,
>> Guillermo Leira
> Which desktop/window manager are you using in the VM?
> DR

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