[arch-general] Xorg MTRR error in ASUS eee pc 900ha

kludge drkludge at rat-patrol.org
Tue Feb 10 12:29:52 EST 2009

if you don't intend to use hal at all, i posted this thread:


on the forums detailing how to rebuild xorg-xserver without it as a
dependency.  that way you can remove the hal package and still run x. it
doesn't leave an orphaned libhal.so.1 floating around on your system.



Andrew Przepioski wrote:
> So I am guessing you have a new problem on hand, you're able to start X,
> but your mouse and keyboard are not working because the hal daemon is
> not started, correct?
> Since I am using a WM and no filemanager, hal is not so useful. This is
> how I setted-up X on my EeePC, which is the exact same model as yours
> (although I don't believe that matters):
> $ pacman -Sy xorg-server xorg-xinit xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse
> xf86-video-intel
> $ mv /usr/lib/libhal.so.1 ~
> $ pacman -Rd hal
> $ mv ~/libhal.so.1 /usr/lib/libhal.so.1
> And of course, to make the keyboard and mouse work, I appended/inserted
> the following to /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
> Section "ServerFlags"
>          Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"
> EndSection
> It's all described in the wiki below.
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg_input_hotplugging#I_don.27t_want_this_crap.2C_how_do_I_turn_it_off.3F
> If you happen to accidentally delete /usr/lib/libhal.so.1, I was able to
> successfully use another file in /usr/lib in place of
> /usr/lib/libhal.so.1 such as /usr/lib/libz.so.1. If you try to do "touch
> /usr/lib/libhal.so.1", it will complain about it not being the right
> size, and then when you do make it large enough (I think I had 4,744
> lines of "I love kittens." to be around the same size as the original
> file just for fun - I was bored), it is not the correct ELF header, la
> la la, I fooled around with it a lot, haha.
> Hopefully that helps. :)
> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 7:27 AM, Ricardo Hernandez <ricardoh26 at gmail.com
> <mailto:ricardoh26 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I "solved" the problem...really i found that this problem is not
>     fatal. My bad was that i didn't start HAL and the server didn't
>     respond to any commands. The error stil appears so any suggestion is
>     welcome.
>     In one try i "harcoded" the MTRR values, that Xorg show in the
>     error, in /proc/mtrr. And the error disappear only one time when i
>     start X, but the change is not permanent because Xorg rewrite that file
>     2009/2/10 Andrew Przepioski <aprz at ymail.com <mailto:aprz at ymail.com>>
>         I was able to produce a very smilar error message by removing xterm.
>         xinit: no such file or directory (errno 2): no program named
>         "xterm" in PATH
>         Specify a program on the command line or make sure that /usr/bin
>         is in your path.
>         waiting for X server to shutdown error setting MTRR (base =
>         0xc0000000, size = 0x10000000, type = 1) Invalid argument (22).
>         ________________________________
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>         To: General Discusson about Arch Linux
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>         Sent: Monday, February 9, 2009 3:45:42 PM
>         Subject: [arch-general] Xorg MTRR error in ASUS eee pc 900ha
>         Hi , i have a problem with starting Xorg in an asus EEE PC 900HA
>         (solid hardrive). It has intel 945gme for video chipset and i
>         use xf86-video-intel driver
>         i start xorg with xinit and no WM or DE in xinitrc, only the
>         default xterm. When i type xinit the screen flick and the server
>         suddenly shutdown and appears this error:
>         waiting for X server to shut down error setting MTRR (base =
>         0x0000000, size = 0x10000000, type = 1) Invalid argument (22)
>         I try to found the solution but had not luck.
>         Xorg.0.log don't show anything special, at least nothing with
>         (EE) error
>         Thanks in advance

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