[arch-general] HAL issues

Leonid Grinberg lgrinberg at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 10:42:59 EST 2009

> Remember that this configuration inside policykit will allow EACH and
> EVERY user on your system to do these actions, which is wrong.
> There's consolekit for this. Sessions should either be launched via kdm
> or gdm which have native consolekit support, or using ck-launch-session
> when starting from xinitrc. There's also a pam module that can be used,
> but somehow it doesn't always work fine (slim doesn't work with it at
> least).

This is a laptop with only one user, and that would be fine with me.
At present, though, it doesn't work at all. Attached is my
/etc/PolyKit/PolicyKit.conf file. Can someone help? This is really
starting to get troublesome :-(.


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