[arch-general] [PATCHES] About /var/run/ and /var/lock/ checks in daemons

Kristoffer Fossgård kfs1 at online.no
Sat Feb 14 10:39:00 EST 2009

tmpfs used to be used for /tmp before, the reason it got removed as
tmpfs was that a tmpfs would get clogged and also had to be setup
in /etc/fstab which many others didn't know how to do or did
incorrectly, thus leading to lots of difficulties for users. I can't
remember exactly, but it was something like this. It was thus decided
that the most KISS thing to do was to just have it as a normal dir.

Noone remembers this?

The moment you expand the system is the moment you introduce another
thing to learn...


>Hi people!
>I interested to make Arch Linux suitable for use with a /var/run and
>/var/lock that are mounted as tmpfs. But this also helps, in the case
>that not mounted as tmpfs, to make more simple "purge function" for
>these directories at rc.sysinit step.
>In my case this is "just for fun!", but other users can be benefited by
>this, for example "netbook users".
>OK, i initially created rc-script patches for the packages in the extra
>repo that use /var/run/program-name-directory and fails if not exists.
>(these list was obtained with """ for x in $(find
>/usr/share/pkgtools/lists -type f); do egrep -l "var/run/.+" $x;done
>@@NOTE@@: I will send the patches to the FL individualy per package
>now, reference to this email in FL, and then copy the links to
>response in this email. ;)
>Please review it, thanks in advance. :)
>** Actually work OK (/var/run)
>  core/openswan-2.4.11-1
>  core/dbus-core-1.2.4-1
>  core/netcfg-2.1.2-1
>  extra/consolekit-0.3.0-3
>** Patched RC files (/var/run)
>  extra/apache-2.2.11-2
>  extra/bind-9.5.0.P2-1
>  extra/clamav-0.94-1
>  extra/courier-imap-4.4.1-1
>  extra/courier-mta-0.60.0-1
>  extra/cyrus-sasl-2.1.22-10
>  extra/fetchmail-6.3.8-4
>  extra/hal-0.5.11-7 (patched for policykit)
>  extra/laptop-mode-tools-1.47-1
>  extra/lighttpd-1.4.20-2
>  extra/mpd-0.14.1-3
>  extra/policykit-0.9-7 (no rc-script here, patched in hal)
>  extra/samba-3.2.7-1
>  extra/wicd-1.5.8-1
>** Researched (/var/run)
>  extra/iptraf-3.0.0-2 (Trivial patch for iptraf.c or using a
>            profile.d/iptraf for creating a "iptraf()" or another
> solution)
>  * Apparently these don't use /var/run/program-name-directory, but
>        maybe a simple "mkdir" to rc-script for precaution.
>    extra/bftpd-2.3-1 (The daemon uses directly /var/run/bftpd.pid)
>    extra/networkmanager-0.7.0-1 (The daemon uses directly
>        /var/run/NetworkManager.pid)
>  extra/wesnoth-1.4.7-1 (this game don't have a rc-script for the
>daemon, if run the /usr/bin/wesnothd without /var/run/wesnothd it
>fails, solution: provide a rc-script)
>** Pending for research (/var/run)
>  community/pulseaudio-0.9.14-1
>  community/ultimate-ircd-3.0.2-1
>  community/xen-3.3.1-1
>  community/wdm-1.28-2
>  community/dspam-3.8.0-2
>  community/inn-2.4.5-3
>  community/gpsd-2.37-2
>  community/apache13-1.3.41-3
>  community/freeradius-2.1.3-1
>  community/lastfmsubmitd-0.35-1
>  community/selinux-pam-1.0.1-1
>  community/fail2ban-0.8.3-1
>  community/ircservices-5.0.62-3
>  community/p3scan-2.3.2-2
>  community/bind-geodns-9.4.1-1
>  community/jabberd14-
>** Pending for research (/var/lock)
>  core/dmraid-1.0.0.rc14-2
>  extra/sane-1.0.19-2

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