[arch-general] how to mount external hdd

Preston C. gprestonc at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:19:46 EST 2009

> <press ctrl-alt-F2> and login
> $ cat /proc/partitions #idenitfy the partition, is usually one of the
> last ones, lets assume it is /dev/sdXY
> $ sudo mount /dev/sdXY /path/to/mount/point
> $ exit
> <press ctrl-alt-F7> to go back to your login manager....
> Not sure what kind of answer you were looking for.....
That is the right answer. When you say /path/to/mount/point . What
should I put there? Or were you saying that /dev/sdXY is the path to
the mount point.

Also in the command cat /proc/partitions do i type # identify - so
that it would be like this- cat /proc/partitions #idenitfy ,


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