[arch-general] how to mount external hdd

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Wed Feb 18 14:02:33 EST 2009

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009 11:03:08 +0100
<hollunder at gmx.at> wrote:

> An external drive can be rather reliably identified and always mounted
> at the same place using udev.
> This is somewhat problematic on arch linux tough.
> For some reason the devices seem not to be created before
> mount runs although udev runs before it.
> This means that external drives do not get mounted along with all the
> other drives specified in fstab.
> I personally wonder what the problem is since this method has worked
> on other distributions.
> My workaround is simply another 'mount -a' in rc.local, at this point
> in boottime the devices are created.
> Still this doesn't work reliably with one of my drives but this is a
> separate problem (slowness).
> Philipp

Very odd.  "all other drives specified in fstab", this includes disks
*in* your system containing your /, /home etc?
Would you mind filing a bug report? maybe also include your kind of
hardware (is it on something very slow? usb?)


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