[arch-general] how to mount external hdd

Preston C. gprestonc at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 21:24:34 EST 2009

> Please! Please! Please, search first and if searching fails, please use the
> forums. I'm sick of your noob questions polluting my Inbox. The forum is
> the more appropriate place for such questions, but as redshift stated use a
> search engine first!
> Cheers,
> ~pyther
I did search, the wiki and some of google, I even posted on the forum
but didn't get what I was looking for- so I took it to the mailing
list, where people seem to help. I could care less that you are sick
of my noob questions, to be frank with you. I have gotten some very
gracious replies on the mailing lists and the problem even got solved.
To many people flame on the forum, it seems.

I don't mean to argue with you, but when you say something about how
you are sick of "noob questions polluting your inbox" then that
bothers me.

This is the general discussion mailing list, is it not?

Sorry if this post sounded rude, but your's was far worse.


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