[arch-general] Is it a bug ? (device-mapper PKGBUILD)

Patrick Brisbin pbrisbin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 10:19:17 EDT 2009

On 07/01/09 at 05:00pm, nezmer at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi ,
> I was looking at the device-mapper PKGBUILD . I'm not sure but the last 
> line looks problematic :
> # fix device-mapper link bug
> ln -sf /lib/libdevmapper.so "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/libdevmapper.so" || return 1
> What If device-mapper is not yet installed in the system ?
> What am I missing ?

if i understand it correctly, build() just builds the package.  only
when you pacman -U it will you execute those commands (in sequence).

therefore, the make and install steps are exectuted before the symlink
is created.

patrick brisbin 

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