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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Jul 1 13:00:26 EDT 2009

Loui Chang schrieb:
>> Some features of ppp include
>>     * works sometimes

Haha, I've been using ppp and PPPoE for over 8 years (except the short 
period of time where I had a cheap router).

> `man rp-pppoe`
>> My design goals for this PPPoE client were as follows, in descending
>> order of importance:
>> o      It must work.
> There's no documentation about pppoe in ppp either.
> rp-pppoe helps me make my ADSL connection easily.

I collected it together from several (old) HOWTOs back in 2001 and 
there's a wiki page on Arch (originally written by your's truly) - sad 
that netcfg doesn't include support (or does it?).

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